Boise River 2015

In September 2015, Quantum Spatial (QSI) was contracted by Boise State University (BSU) to collect Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data in the fall of 2015 for the Boise River site in Idaho. Data were collected to aid BSU in assessing the topographic and geophysical properties of the study area to support engineering planning along the Boise River.

Data Type: Airborne
Area (sq. km): 140
Date: 9/29/2015- 9/30/2015
Sensor: Leica ALS80 system
Data vendor: Quantum Spatial
Reports: Boise_River_ LiDAR_Technical_Report.pdf
Data Contact
Nancy Glenn
Agency: Boise State University
Contact email:
Data Download: Raw Point Clouds
Data from the ISU GISTrec can be downloaded at accelerated speed using GlobusOnline service.
ISU GIS Trec (available using GlobusOnline)
Data Download: Rasters
Download KML: Boise_River_2015.kml