Clearwater National Forest

The survey area is two experimental watersheds, Shotgun Creek and Twin Creek located in the Clearwater National Forest of Northern Idaho. These areas are roughly 70 km southwest of Missoula, MT. The survey polygon for Shotgun Creek is approximately 15.8 square kilometers and for Twin Creek is 26.34 square kilometers. The data were collected to study the effects of watershed restoration on hillslope stability and ecohydrological functions.

Data Information
Data Type: Airborne
Area (sq. km): 42.14
Acquisition Date: 2009-08-31
Point density: 5
Sensor: Optech Gemini ALTM
Data vendor: National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM)
Funding: National Science Foundation

Vendor Report: Shotgun_Creek_and_Twin_Creek.pdf
Metadata: Download XML Metadata

Data Contact
Contact: Rebecca Lloyd
Agency: University of Arizona

Data Download: Raw Point Clouds
Data from the ISU GISTrec can be downloaded at accelerated speed using GlobusOnline service.
ISU GIS Trec (Shotgun Creek – available using GlobusOnline)
ISU GIS Trec (Twin Creek – available using GlobusOnline)

Data Download: Online Value-added Products
Bare-earth DEM
Hillshade Surface
Slope Surface

Download KML: Clearwater_NF.kml