Jefferson County

LiDAR data for Jefferson County was collected by Pictometry International on June 23, 2009. Pictometry processed the raw point cloud data to ensure proper alignment of data between flight lines. The data was then classified for “Ground” by using a series of automated filters in TerraSolid software to remove above ground vegetation and buildings. Points in water and on bridges were manually removed from the Ground class. The data was then tiled and saved in the industry standard LAS format. The quality control for LiDAR data was performed by Groundpoint Technologies LLC.

Data Information
Data Type: Airborne
Area (sq. km): 89.6
Acquisition Date: 2009-06-23
Point density: 1
Data vendor: Pictometry International

Vendor Report: LiDARQC_JeffersonID_updated041211.pdf
Metadata: Download XML Metadata

Data Contact
Contact: Ryan McDaniel
Agency: Idaho Department of Water Resources
Contact email:

Data Download: Online Value-added Products
Data from the ISU GISTrec can be downloaded at accelerated speed using GlobusOnline service.
Processed rasters (available using GlobusOnline)

Download KML: Jefferson.kml