Lemhi River

These LiDAR data were collected on September 24-26, 2010 by Watershed Sciences Incorporated, for Trout Unlimited (partnering with the Bureau of Reclamation) and Utah State University’s Ecogeomorphology and Topographic Analysis Lab. The majority of surveyed area was to support conservation and restoration efforts by Trout Unlimited and others in the Lemhi Watershed. The 2010 Lemhi River data were integrated with overlapping portions of the 2009 data (Amonson) to provide seamless models. Additionally, two mainstem areas of interest (AOI) along the Lemhi River and five additional ‘satellite’ AOIs were added to the acquisition by Utah State University to support a study intercomparing different topographic survey and aerial photography acquisition methods. In addition to airborne LiDAR, Bangen et al. (2011) used total station, rtkGPS, ground-based LiDAR, spectral-based depth correlation and single-beam SONAR to collect topography at all of these AOI’s. Aerial orthophotos were collected concurrently with the Watershed Sciences survey, whereas Utah State University acquired comparable imagery by both tethered blimp and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveys. The study is part of a larger effort by Eco Logical Research, Inc. and NOAA’s ISEMP (integrated Status and Effectiveness Monitoring Program)

Data Information
Data Type: Airborne
Area (sq. km): 79.61
Acquisition Date: 2010-09-24 – 2010-09-26
Point density: 14
Sensor: Leica ALS50 Phase II
Data vendor: Watershed Sciences

Vendor Report: Lemhi_River_LiDAR_Photo_Report.pdf
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Data Contact
Agency: US Bureau of Reclamation

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Bare-earth DEM (available on OpenTopography)
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Slope Surface (available on OpenTopography)

Download KML: Lemhi_River_2010.kml