Lemhi River

LiDAR and digital aerial imagery was collected by Photo Science Geospatial Solutions, CO for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation), along highway 28 in northeastern Idaho, southeast of the City of Salmon (approximately 8,877 acres). This project directly supported collaborative Tributary and Reach Assessments (scientific studies on geomorphology and hydraulic modeling) that are used to help identify, prioritize, and implement sustainable fish habitat improvement projects. These data are used to help address key limiting factors associated with protecting and improving survival of salmon and steelhead listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Data Information
Data Type: Airborne
Area (sq. km): 35.92
Acquisition Date: 2011-09-19 – 2011-09-21
Point density: 8
Sensor: Leica ALS60
Data vendor: Photo Science Geospatial Solutions, Colorado Springs, CO

Vendor Report: PhotoScienceFinalReport-Lemhi River Data Acquisition.pdf
Metadata: Download XML Metadata

Data Contact
Contact: Lanie Paquin
Agency: Bureau of Reclamation, Pacific Northwest Region Office, Boise, ID
Contact email: MPaquin@usbr.gov

Data Download: Online Value-added Products
Data from the ISU GISTrec can be downloaded at accelerated speed using GlobusOnline service.
2-ft Contour (ISU GISTrec – available using GlobusOnline)
Digital surface model (ISU GISTrec – available using GlobusOnline)
First return DEM surface (ISU GISTrec – available using GlobusOnline)
First return intensity raster (ISU GISTrec – available using GlobusOnline)

Download KML: Lemhi_River_2011.kml