Free LiDAR Tools


BCAL LiDAR Tools are open-source tools developed by Idaho State University, Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory (BCAL). These tools can be used for processing, analyzing and visualizing LiDAR data. They are written in IDL programming language and is intended to be used as add-on in the ENVI remote sensing software package.


FugroViewer is a freeware designed for use with LiDAR and other raster- and vector-based geospatial datasets, including data from photogrammetric and IFSAR sources.


FUSION is a LIDAR data conversion, analysis, and display software suite. FUSION allows 3-dimensional terrain and canopy surface models and LIDAR data to be fused with more traditional 2-dimensional imagery (e.g., orthophotographs, topographic maps, satellite imagery, GIS shapefiles). FUSION processes raw LIDAR data into a number of vegetation metrics. Canopy- and ground-level surface models can be produced; and then, by simple differing, canopy height models can be generated.


LASTools is a collection of command line tools to classify, tile, convert, filter, raster, triangulate, contour, clip, and polygonize LiDAR data (to name just a few functions). All of the tools can also be run via a GUI and are available as a LiDAR processing toolbox for ArcGIS versions 9.3, 10.0, and 10.1 of ESRI.


MCC-LIDAR is a C++ application for processing LiDAR data in forested environments. It classifies data points as ground or non-ground using the Multiscale Curvature Classification algorithm.

Merrick’s Mars Viewer

Free viewing application supports basic LiDAR data navigation and 3D visualization – the perfect tool for casual users.

Online LiDAR viewer

View your point cloud files online in your browser! This web application works locally and does not require data transfers. Supported formats include LAS and XYZ point clouds.

Quick Terrain Reader

The Quick Terrain Reader is the free software for visualizing point clouds and pre-built digital elevation models (DEMs) in a fast and intuitive way.